Why us
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Our advantages

Face to face interviews with our candidates

We believe that it is important to meet with all our candidates in person in order to understand which family they are best suited for, we check their recommendations, test their level of knowledge, correct their behavior, they pass different levels of verification, and only after that we allow them to work with our clients.


HSI's clients loves competent and well-trained staff so much that we train our candidates with the # 1 Domestic Staff School. We offer unique training in all areas of the private household, so you can be sure that if you need a specially trained employee, this problem can be solved with the help of our author's training programs.

Own electronic database of candidates and clients

We store all data about candidates, even those that no longer work for the client. We keep the entire history of the candidate, collecting data from various agencies around the world. Our electronic database is synchronized with regional agencies as well as with blacklists of domestic staff. Also, when contacting us again, you will not need to tell your wishes again, since we keep all the wishes of the client, what kind of staff he viewed earlier and whom he prefers.

Candidate screening

At HSI, we are very proud to have been successful in recruiting staff that fully meet the needs of our clients. Due to the fact that all our consultants are mothers themselves and select only reliable candidates, as well as our unique knowledge in the field of private household services and our in-house training. We are confident that we have raised our selection process to the highest level.

Recruitment around the world

We replenish our own database of candidates with specialists from different cities and countries, who speak many languages, which gives us the opportunity to recruit personnel around the world.